News Release
Date: November 04, 2008
Contact: Rich Isaacson
Number: (313) 234-4310

Supplier of Internet Pharmacies Faces Possible Action by DEA
- Masters Pharmaceutical Ordered to Show Cause

NOV 04 -- (Cincinnati, Ohio) – Robert L. Corso, Special Agent in Charge of the Detroit Field Division, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced today that Masters Pharmaceutical has received notice that the company has the opportunity to show cause as to why the DEA should not revoke the Registrant’s Certificate of Registration, as a distributor of controlled substances, pursuant to federal law.

Masters Pharmaceutical, 11930 Kemper Springs Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio, has been the subject of a DEA investigation that alleges the company was selling large quantities of controlled substances to internet pharmacies. The investigation has revealed that several of Masters Pharmaceutical’s largest purchasers of hydrocodone were engaged in schemes to dispense controlled substances based on prescriptions that were written for other than legitimate medical purposes. The investigation revealed that Masters Pharmaceutical distributed over 1 million dosage units of Hydrocodone products to a single customer in August 2006.

Robert L. Corso, stated, “Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to ensure that the drugs they sell don’t end up in the hands of drug traffickers who conduct their illegal business over the Internet. Masters Pharmaceutical, knew, or should have known, based on the large, frequent quantities, that their customers were in the practice of illegally diverting hydrocodone. Today’s action illustrates that DEA and our Diversion Control Section, are working hard to hold accountable those companies that are supplying pills to internet pharmacies.”

Masters Pharmaceutical received written notice of the factual and legal basis for this action. Masters Pharmaceutical will be given an opportunity for an administrative hearing on January 27, 2009, to show cause as to why DEA should not revoke the Registrant’s Certificate of Registration. After the hearing, the DEA Deputy Administrator will make a final decision on whether Masters Pharmaceutical’s registration should be permanently revoked. This decision will be published in the Federal Register.

Hydrocodone is the generic name of an addictive prescription painkiller that is classified under federal narcotics laws as a Schedule III controlled substance. Hydrocodone is typically legally prescribed to combat acute, severe pain for legitimate medical purposes. Accordingly, these prescriptions are usually for a modest number of pills to be taken over a short period of time.

This is an ongoing investigation. Please forward any questions to DEA Detroit Public Information Officer Rich Isaacson at (313) 234-4310.

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