News Release
March 5, 2008
Contact: S/A Rich Isaacson
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
313 234-4310

Press Conference to Address Successful Outcome of Multi-Year Drug Investigation and Continuing Murder Investigation

MAR 5 -- Chief Mark Alley, Lansing Police Department, and Charles R. Gross, United States Attorney for the Western District of Michigan, announce a press conference concerning the conclusion of the Alex Humphry drug conspiracy investigation. The press conference will be held at the Lansing Police Department Headquarters, 120 W. Michigan Avenue, in the second floor conference room, on Wednesday, March 5, beginning at 3:00. The press conference will cover the successful outcome of this multi-year drug investigation and the continuing investigation of the murder of Alex Humphry. There will also be an opportunity to view and photograph evidence from this case.

From at least 1998 to May of 2002, Alexander (Alex) Humphry was a major drug dealer in Lansing, Michigan. During the peak of his activity, he was receiving large loads of drugs on semi-trucks from Texas. These loads would consist of about 15 kilograms of cocaine and/or several hundred pounds of marijuana. The largest load he received was 50 kilograms of cocaine from Chicago. Humphry would store these drugs at a residence he shared with Cynthia Valdez (now Cynthia Shank) at 1609 Comfort Street in Lansing, and distribute them to numerous mid-level drug dealers, customers and associates. Armed “security guards” helped protect the drugs.

At about 4:30 a.m. on May 9, 2002, Humphry was returning to his residence at 1609 Comfort Street with one his associates, Arthur Trevino, when Humphry was rushed by unknown assailants. Humphry was shot several times at the front door of his residence, and later died at a hospital. When police searched his home, they found 20 kilograms of cocaine, a kilogram of crack cocaine, about 40 pounds of marijuana, numerous empty kilogram wrappers and firearms, and about $37,000 in cash. Another $240,000 or so had been removed from the home by other associates before the police arrived. This remains the largest drug seizure in Lansing history.

A lengthy drug and homicide investigation then began. The investigation proceeded slowly due to the reluctance of witnesses to cooperate and provide information. The lead investigative agencies were the FBI and the Lansing Police Department. Other assisting agencies included the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Tri-County Metro Unit, and the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office. Slowly but surely, cases were developed against many of Humphry’s drug associates. This included a related marijuana organization headed by Arthur Trevino. Altogether, this investigation resulted in the conviction of 28 defendants in federal court. The investigation culminated in the recent trial of Cynthia (Valdez) Shank and Nathaniel Benson, which resulted in a verdict of guilty on all counts. Another highlight of the investigation was the seizure of $266,000 from Terence Williams when he was arrested on a federal indictment in this case on April 12, 2007 in Lansing.

The list of defendants convicted in this case, and their sentences, is as follows:


Sentencing Date


Michael Wiley


228 months

Lonnie Zrubeck, Jr.


151 months

Rachel Rogers


30 months

Arthur Trevino


174 months

George Taylor


36 months

Jamar McDonald


42 months

Luciano Loredo


60 months

Ralph Trevino


36 months

Lorenzo Trevino


24 months

Sammie Johnson


46 months

Richard Beebe


60 months

Anastacio Solis, Jr.


60 months

Jose Gomez


42 months

Alvaro Hernandez


60 months

Dimitri Brown


126 months

Victor Ovalle


120 months

Redera Davis


144 months

Tremayne Hollins


120 months

Alfred Williams


96 months

Christopher Lerma


60 months

Jorge Lerma


54 months

Jonathon Burkeen


180 months

Terence Williams


240 months

Anthony Rogers


264 months

Mark Osuna


120 months

Eloy Osuna


240 months

Nathaniel Benson


216 months

Cynthia Valdez Shank


180 months

No charges have yet been brought concerning the murder of Alex Humphry. That aspect of the investigation remains open and is continuing. Any one having information concerning that event is asked to contact the Lansing Police Department at 517-272-7483 or Lansing Crime Stoppers at 517-483-STOP.