News Release
July 23, 2009
Contact: Mike Turner
Number: 303-705-7446

Riverton, Wyoming Dentist Pleads Guilty to Writing
Fraudulent Prescriptions

JUL 23 -- Cheyenne, Wyoming - A dentist who operates a clinic in Riverton, Wyoming, pleaded guilty to federal charges related to writing fraudulent prescriptions for and abusing the powerful and addictive painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone, for making false statements to federal drug investigators, and for making a false statement to a licensed federal firearms dealer. On July 20, 2009, Daniel Eugene Hauck, 33, of Riverton, Wyoming, entered guilty pleas before United States District Court Judge Alan B. Johnson to three counts of an indictment charging him with conspiracy to distribute and dispense oxycodone and hydrocodone to persons he did not examine, without a legitimate medical purpose and outside the usual course of professional practice; making false statements and false representations to investigators during an inspection of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration; and making a false statement to a firearms dealer.

Hauck pleaded guilty under a plea agreement with the United States including a recommendation that he be sentenced to a term of 33 to 36 months imprisonment to be followed by a 5 year term of supervised release and the court’s recommendation to the United States Bureau of Prisons that while in prison Hauck participate in the 500 Hour Residential Drug Abuse TreatmentProgram. Sentencing has been set for September 28, 2009. In the agreement and during his change of plea hearing, Hauck stipulated to a list of facts in support of his guilty plea and the sentencing recommendation. In doing so, he admitted using his employees, other persons and his codefendant, Brent Glenn Bills, to obtain hydrocodone and oxycodone for his own personal use. Hauck would write – or call into a pharmacy – a bogus prescription for oxycodone or hydrocodone pills in the employee’s or the person’s name. After the employee or persons filled the prescription, they would give the pills to Hauck. In most cases, Hauck used all the pills but he would also split the pills with certain individuals. After Hauck surrendered his DEA registration, Bills called in bogus prescriptions for hydrocodone pills in the names of an employee and patient of Hauck. The employee and patient gave the pills to Hauck for his own use.

In addition, Hauck used a significant number of oxycodone and hydrocodone pills he received from pharmacies for “office use” – a practice in which practitioners are allowed to keep controlled substances in their offices for distribution directly to a patient. Hauck further admitted that during an inspection of his dental office by DEA investigators, he falsely stated that he lawfully dispensed “office use” oxycodone and hydrocodone pills to his patients when he knew, in fact, he used the pills himself. Finally, Hauck admitted he falsely stated on an ATF Form 4473 – in connection with purchasing a firearm – that he was not an unlawful user of a controlled substance when, in fact, he unlawfully used hydrocodone and oxcycodone on a regular basis.

Jeffrey D. Sweetin, Special Agent in Charge of the Rocky Mountain Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration, said: "Daniel Hauck was a professional in a position of trust in the community, who abused his authority as a dentist to illegally obtain powerful narcotics for his personal use. He is now paying a high price for his illegal drug activity."