News Release
July 30, 2009
Contact: Joanna DeSanto
Number: 312-886-2597

Mexican Methamphetamine Trafficker Sentenced to 350
Months in Prison

JUL 30 -- (Indianapolis) U.S. District Judge Larry J. McKinney has sentenced Jose Luis Medina, 33, Indianapolis, Indiana, to 350 months in prison, following Medina’s conviction at trial. Medina, along with co-defendant Ivan Rea, was convicted of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in the Southern District of Indiana. Rea was sentenced on June 18, 2009 to life in prison.

Trial testimony established that Medina was a high-level trafficker for a large-scale methamphetamine trafficking organization that operated along the Interstate 70 corridor from Indianapolis to Terre Haute from August 2005 through February 20, 2007. Medina served as one of Rea’s principle methamphetamine distributors in Indianapolis. Rea obtained approximately 40 pounds of methamphetamine from his sources in Denver, Colorado every two weeks. Rea directed some of his methamphetamine trafficking associates to “cut” the methamphetamine with dimethylsulfone, a horse feeding supplement commonly mixed with methamphetamine to increase the weight of the drug for additional profit. Rea typically cut each shipment of the methamphetamine that he received from Denver with at least 40 pounds of dimethylsulfone, resulting in a total product of 80 pounds. Rea used drug runners to distribute the methamphetamine to distributors who worked for him in Indianapolis. Rea’s distributors, in turn, dealt the methamphetamine to other dealers along the Interstate 70 corridor. Rea’s organization distributed over 3,000 pounds of methamphetamine cut with dimethylsulfone during the course of the conspiracy.

During that time, Medina received approximately three pounds of methamphetamine per week from Rea. Medina initially operated a tire store located at 4014 West Washington Street in Indianapolis. When Medina ran into difficulty paying his methamphetamine debt to Rea, Rea took over the store from Medina, renamed it “El Diamante Tire Shop,” and reopened it. “El Diamante” translates from Spanish to English as “the Diamond.” Trial testimony established that Rea named the shop “El Diamante,” because the physical appearance diamonds resembles methamphetamine and that Rea had become wealthy selling methamphetamine.

“This investigation targeted all levels of an organization responsible for obtaining and distributing large amounts of methamphetamine, which eventually infiltrated neighborhoods from Indianapolis to Terre Haute,” stated Gary G. Olenkiewicz, Special Agent in Charge of the DEA’s Chicago Field Division Office which covers the state of Indiana. “The cooperative efforts by our law enforcement partners involved in this investigation culminated with federal convictions and sentences of those responsible for spreading methamphetamine’s havoc.”

During the course of the investigation, the DEA seized approximately 10 kilograms of methamphetamine tied to the Rea organization. One kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds. Methamphetamine is an addictive central nervous system stimulant that is synthetically produced by drug traffickers in toxic clandestine laboratories.

The investigation into this methamphetamine distributing organization was the result of a fifteen-month cooperative law enforcement effort by the Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Marshal’s Service, Metro Drug Task Force, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indiana State Police, Vigo County Drug Task Force, Vincennes Police Department, Linton Police Department, Clay County Sheriff’s Department, and Parke County Sheriff’s Department. Assistant U.S. Attorney Bradley A. Blackington prosecuted the case for the government in the Southern District of Indiana.