News Release
January 25, 2007
Contact: Joanna Zoltay
Number: 312-886-2597

Colombians Arrested After Selling Heroin to Undercover Officer

JAN 25 -- (Chicago)—Just moments after providing an undercover DEA Task Force Officer with approximately one half kilogram of heroin, three Colombian Nationals were arrested outside a convenience store on the Northside of Chicago. Arrested were Luis Felipe Garcia, William Botero, and Patricia Ortiz. The three defendants were charged federally in the Northern District of Illinois for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

“Heroin has been a problem in Chicago and these defendants were selling a large amount of it,” stated Gary G. Olenkiewicz, the Special Agent in Charge of the DEA Chicago Field Division. “Joint undercover operations like this keep it out of the hands of drug dealers who would have otherwise peddled it on the streets of Chicago. This investigation was successful due to our ongoing partnership with the Chicago Police Department.”

Heroin is a very addictive narcotic and typically sells anywhere from $75,000.00 to $100,000.00 per kilogram. It is alleged that Garcia negotiated with the undercover officer to sell one kilogram of Colombian heroin for approximately $58,000.00. However, at the time of the undercover transaction, Garcia only had one half kilogram of heroin available. The organization also is alleged to have distributed cocaine.

Garcia, Botero and Ortiz appeared before a US Magistrate Judge and are currently in federal custody. In addition to the drug conspiracy charge, all three are believed to be in the United States illegally and face deportation charges. This investigation is being prosecuted by AUSA Clifford Histed.