News Release
December 18, 2006
Contact: Joanna Zoltay
Number: 312-886-2597

Cocaine Trafficking Organization
Dismantled in Wisconsin 33 Indicted on Drug Charges

DEC 18 -- (Milwaukee, WI) -- A federal grand jury in Wisconsin indicted thirty-three people on drug distribution and conspiracy charges, dismantling a major cocaine trafficking organization in the cities of Milwaukee and Waukesha. The grand jury returned two separate indictments charging the defendants after an investigation which began in January, 2004. The investigation was a joint effort by the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Waukesha County Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Group (MEG), Waukesha County Sheriff, the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), and the West Allis Police Department.

The investigation led to nine search warrants that resulted in the seizure of two kilograms cocaine, cash, several vehicles, and possibly three residences. The initial investigation started in Waukesha and worked its way up to the organization’s suppliers of cocaine in Milwaukee. “This was an investigation that was not going to just stay in Waukesha,” said Daniel Layber, Special Agent in Charge of the Milwaukee DCI.

“I think that you can determine the significance of this case by the number of people arrested and the scope of their activity,” said James Bohn, the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of DEA in Milwaukee.

The indictment charges that kilogram quantities of cocaine were supplied by Teodoro Meraz, Gabriel Urbina, Antonio Cruz, Andrew Oblak, Richard Welsh, and Ana Hurtado. Indicted as the head of the Waukesha organization was Javier Aguilera. Aguilera is alleged to have directed other members of the organization to distribute multiple-ounce quantities of cocaine to street dealers. Others indicted were Pedro Romo, Alejandro Romo, Fidel Moreno, Jose Meraz, Federico A. Meza, Leonardo Urbina, Elias Perez, Michael V. Popp, Wagas Tariq, Usman Tariq, Jeffrey Scott Wingert, Enrique Rubina, Jose R. Quinonez, Miguel A. Valdez, Christian Gabriel Martinez, Miguel Healy, Jose Godina, Sal Uribe, Juan Carlos Flores-Bobadillia, Rick J. Rivera, Francisco R. Aguilera, Sean D. Kruschke, Jonathan David Colla, Jose Alfredo Aguilera, and Kayla Lapp.

“This is going down as the largest, most significant drug investigation in the history of our county,” said Waukesha County Sheriff Daniel Trawicki. The case is being prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Wisconsin. If convicted, each defendant faces a possible sentence of at least ten years to life, and a fine up to $4,000,000.00.