News Release
October 31, 2007

DEA St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Resident Office Announces 3rd
Annual Red Ribbon Coloring Contest Winners

OCT 31 -- (St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands) - Jerome Harris, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Caribbean Division, today announced the winners for the 3 rd Annual Red Ribbon Week Coloring Winners. The St. Croix Resident Office started an annual tradition in October of 2005 in conjunction with Red Ribbon Week which commemorates the violent torture and death of fellow DEA Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camerana. This year the contest was a major success with more entries and more schools getting involved.

The contest was open to all children ages 5-12 on the island of St. Croix. The contest was broken down into three age groups; Ages 5-6, 7-9, and finally 10-12. This year the theme of the contest was “Living Life Drug Free” and children were allowed to let their imagination be their guide while coloring about a drug-free life. The one requirement was that a Red Ribbon must be incorporated somewhere into the drawing. Six judges then worked their way through all the entries and assigned a point value from 1-10 in three separate categories. These categories were: creativity, use of the red ribbon, and artistic ability. The maximum points a judge could give to an entry was 30 points and a perfect score from all six judges would be 180 points.

SAC Harris said “The interest in this contest keeps growing each year which means that more children are getting involved, that is our ultimate goal, to get the message out to as many children as possible about the dangers of using drugs”. SAC Harris added “They are so imaginative and thought provoked, you can see that even small children understand the message”. SAC Harris offered “My grateful appreciation to the fine judges that helped us with this very important contest”. “I look forward to visiting St. Croix and seeing all the winning entries displayed in the lobby of our office” said Harris. “My thanks go out to the teachers and parents that helped with this year’s effort” Harris said.

2007 Red Ribbon Coloring Contest Winners

5-6 Age Group:

Place Name School Overall score out of possible 180
1st Jamil K. Juanita Gardine 147
2nd Kyle M. Country Day 127
3rd Colby M. Country Day 123

7-9 Age Group:

Place Name School Overall score out of possible 180
1st Shawn A. Evelyn Williams 161
2nd Anna R. Country Day 160
3rd Jeya Q. Lew Muckle 157

10-12 Age Group:

Place Name School Overall score out of possible 180
1st Cristina G. Lew Muckle 168
2nd Derika P. Lew Muckle 159
3rd (tie) Jason G. Ricardo Richards 152
3rd (tie) Moises G. Alfredo Andrews 152

2007 Overall School Participation Award Winners:

Place School Number of Overall Entries
1st Country Day School 61
2nd Juanita Gardine 52
3rd Lew Muckle 15

2007 School Winners based on total average score among finalists:

Place School Average Total Score out of possible 180
1st Evelyn Williams


2nd Ricardo Richards


3rd Lew Muckle 141.8

Double-click on the images below to view a larger image of the winning drawings.

Ages 5-6: 1st Place
Ages 5-6: 2nd Place
Ages 5-6: 3rd Place
Ages 7-9: 1st Place
Ages 7-9: 2nd Place
Ages 7-9: 3rd Place
Ages 10-12: 1st Place
Ages 10-12: 2nd Place
Ages 10-12: 3rd Place (Tie)
Ages 10-12: 3rd Place (Tie)