News Release
For Immediate Release
September 28, 2010
Contact: Special Agent Tony Pettigrew
Number: 617-557-2138

New York Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute More Than 1000 Kilograms of Marijuana

SEP 28 -- CONCORD, NH : Arash Rahbar, 29, of Long Island, New York, pled guilty today to Conspiracy to Distribute more than 1000 kilograms of Marijuana. Rahbar is scheduled to be sentenced on January 5, 2011. Rahbar is facing a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and has been released on conditions pending sentencing, announced United States Attorney John P. Kacavas.

An investigation revealed that a Canadian organization was using Canadian couriers to carry marijuana into the United States for distribution. The marijuana was brought into New Hampshire and then transported to various locations including New York. Rahbar was a drug customer of the organization.

Couriers delivered approximately 100 pounds of marijuana on either a weekly or biweekly basis to Rahbar and picked up approximately $200,000.00 upon each delivery. On April 6, 2009, agents observed co-conspirators meet with Rahbar in New York and hand them a bag. The agents then approached the co-conspirators who denied knowing why the man gave them the bag and released it to the agents. The bag contained $194,830 in U.S. currency.

This case was investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration.