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Elyse Sharpe, LCSW
EAP Administrator
Office: (202) 307-8158
Therese Cooper- Pedersen
Admin. Support Specialist
Office: (202) 307-8161
Helen Jones, LCSW
EAP Specialist
Office: 202-307-5277

600 Army Navy Drive
Room 2015A, East Building
Arlington, Virginia 22202
Fax: (202) 307-4705

The EAP Administrator and EAP Specialist are DEA employees and licensed mental health professionals located in the Health Unit at DEA Headquarters.  They are available to all DEA employees for confidential problem consultation, brief counseling, management consultation, and assistance with personal and organizational emergencies and traumatic incidents. 

For confidential consultation or to arrange an appointment, call them directly at their office numbers shown above or at the EAP Headquarters Office at 202-307-8160. For emergencies during non-work hours, contact the DEA Headquarters Command Center at (202) 307-4228 or the EAP Helpline at (800) 275-7460.

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EAP Clinicians

Outside of Headquarters, EAP services are provided by subcontracted licensed mental health professionals called
"Area Clinicians" and "Remote Clinicians". 

Area Clinicians are law enforcement-experienced professionals providing counseling, consultation, training and trauma response services for a specific DEA Division.  Employees and eligible family members may obtain Area Clinician services by calling them directly or seeking a referral via the EAP HelpLine.  To Locate an Area Clinician in your Division, click on the "Area Clinician Roster" link here or call 1-800-275-7460.

Remote Clinicians are licensed mental health professionals who are subcontracted to provide counseling, for a specific DEA employee or eligible family member when Area Clinicians are not located nearby or when specialized services are needed that fall outside the expertise of the local Area Clinicians.

Employees and eligible family members may obtain Area or Remote Clinician services by calling the EAP HelpLine at

Face-to-face EAP services are not available to overseas personnel.  Employees and family members who are overseas may contact the EAP Headquarters staff or the EAP HelpLine for consultation. Requests for mental health evaluation and referral when overseas should be referred to the Region's State Department RMOP (Regional Medical Officer in Psychiatry) via the closest State Department Clinic.

EAP Contract Staff

25108 Marguerite Parkway, Suite B-505
Mission Viejo, California 92692
(800) 275-7460; FAX (949) 855-7575

Lisa Mader
Administrative Clinician

EAP Area and Remote Clinicians are administered and supervised by the EAP's Prime Contractor and its Administrative Clinician. The contractor maintains three full-time staff exclusively to manage the DEA's Employee Assistance Program and to assist employees and eligible family members in obtaining EAP services. The Administrative Clinician is available 24-hours-a-day via the EAP HelpLine at 1-800-275-7460.

DEA 24-Hour HelpLine
Toll Free 1-800-275-7460

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