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Personal, family and work problems have an enormous potential to reduce our effectiveness as employees and negatively impact the quality and quantity of our work. To help employees with the prevention, early identification and resolution of such problems, in 1978, the Drug Enforcement Administration took the initiative to establish an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The DEA Employee Assistance Program is a free, confidential service providing DEA Employees and their family members with mental health consultation, preventive education, brief counseling, crisis intervention, traumatic incident response, and referral to community resources to deal with problems in their work and personal lives.

The EAP is not designed to take the place of employee health insurance, but does have a very specific purpose. It seeks to maximize the Agency’s ability to efficiently and effectively accomplish its’ mission of drug deterrence and interdiction through prevention, early identification and treatment of personal, interpersonal and vocational problems. In other words, when DEA’s Employees and their families are doing well, we are all able to be better at our jobs, ultimately improving the Agency’s mission accomplishment.  


The most common view of an EAP is a place at work where you can confidentially talk to someone about your problems for free. While this widespread view is accurate for EAP’s in general, the DEA’s Employee Assistance Program offers an even wider range of services to employees and eligible family members. Our services include, though are not strictly limited to:

  • Problem Assessment
  • Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Treatment Planning
  • Short-Term Counseling
  • Specialty Referral
  • Post-Treatment Follow-up
  • Post-Referral Monitoring
  • Management Consultation
  • Organizational Assessment and Intervention
  • Trauma Response
  • Post-Trauma Clinical Briefings
  • Pre and Post-TDY Clinical Briefings
  • Emergency Consultation/Crisis Intervention
  • Prevention and Education Workshops (Training)
  • Special Topic Curriculum Development & Presentations
  • Referral to other DEA/Federal Resources

* For detailed information on these EAP services click on the Services link here.


The EAP provides up to six (6) sessions of counseling with a Licensed Mental Health Professional for each problem an eligible person seeks assistance with. There are no limits on the number of different problems a person may bring to the EAP or on the number of consultations (personal or managerial) that may be sought telephonically.

By DEA Policy, the EAP Trauma Team responds to all Operational Traumatic Incidents and Non-Operational Traumas where assistance is requested by victims. Up to four (4) Clinical Briefing sessions are provided to trauma victims. All other EAP service requests are subject to approval by the EAP Administrator.

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EAP Services are available to:

  • DEA employees
  • An employee's spouse (including those from valid common law marriages)
  • An employee's children under the age of 27 including:
    • legally adopted children
    • stepchildren
    • recognized natural born (out of wedlock) children
    • foster children living in a regular parent-child relationship with the employee 
  • An employee's child of any age who is incapable of self-support because of mental or physical disability 
  • Other family members or unrelated persons living with the employee in a "family-member-like" capacity
  • TFOs seeking services due to their involvement in operational traumatic incidents


EAP services are available to all DEA employees and eligible family members everywhere in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Caribbean. EAP telephone consultation is available to EAP-eligible persons worldwide from the EAP Headquarters Staff.


There is never a charge for EAP services of any type. If you are referred outside of the EAP for specialty care or additional counseling beyond the entitlements outlined above, you must use your private health insurance to cover the cost.

Contacting the EAP

There are four ways to contact DEA’s Employee Assistance Program. You may call:

The EAP Program Office at DEA Headquarters at 202-307-8160. The Office is open on all Federal workdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (EST) for Program Information, Individual or Management Consultation, and Emergency Assistance.

The EAP Help-Line at 800-275-7460. The “Line” is available 24-hours-a-day for Program Information, Counseling Referrals, Emergency Assistance and issues regarding EAP Training (Please limit after hours (PST) calls to emergencies only).

Your Local EAP Area Clinician for Counseling Appointments, Management Consultation or Emergency Assistance. Use the “Area Clinician Roster” link here to identify the EAP Area Clinician nearest to you. (NOTE: If there are no Area Clinicians near your assigned post call 1-800-275-7460 and the EAP Staff will identify a Clinician for you or your family member to see.)

The DEA Command Center at 202-307-4228. The Center is manned 24-hours-a-day and may be used to reach EAP Headquarters Staff in the event of an after-hours Traumatic Incident or personal emergency or if other means of reaching them are unsuccessful.

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