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Narcoterrorism News Releases

 JUN 12, 2012 Haji Bagcho Sentenced To Life in Prison on Narco-Terrorism, Drug Trafficking Charges
 MAR 13, 2012 Haji Bagcho, One of World’s Largest Heroin Traffickers, Convicted on Drug Trafficking, Narco-Terrorism Charges
 FEB 08, 2012 DEA Afghanistan Unit Receives Prestigious Joint Chiefs of Staff Award
 MAY 20, 2008 Member of Afghan Taliban Convicted in U.S. Court on Narco-Terrorism and Drug Charges
 APR 22, 2008 Associate of Colombian Narco-Terrorist Group Extradited to United States on Cocaine Importation Charges
 FEB 20, 2007 High-Ranking Female Member of Colombian FARC Narco-Terrorist Organization Among 3 Convicted on U.S. Drug Charges
 SEP 26, 2006

Cali Cartel Leaders Plead Guilty to Drug and Money Laundering Conspiracy Charges

 AUG 21, 2006

Target America Opens at the Museum of Science and Industry

 JUN 01, 2006

Two Mexican Nationals Extradicted from Mexico to Face Charges in Naco, Arizona Drug Tunnel

 MAY 23, 2006

SAC Gilbride Speaks to the American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement (AAPLE)

 APR 4, 2006

Police Officers and Airline Employee Arrested in Colombia

 MAR 22, 2006

United States Charges 50 Leaders of Narco-Terrorist FARC in Colombia with Supplying More than Half of the World's Cocaine

 MAR 2, 2006 Manhattan Federal Jury Convicts Belizean Drug Trafficker With Ties to Colombian Terrorist Group for Threats to Kill U.S. Agents Abroad and Cocaine Importation
 OCT 24, 2005 U.S. Extradites Taliban-Linked Narco-Terrorist
 SEP 30, 2003 DEA Museum Exhibit on Drugs and Terrorism Travels to Dallas, First Stop on a National Tour
 MAY 20, 2003 Drugs and Terrorism a Dangerous Mixture, DEA Official tells Senate Judiciary Committee
 SEP 03, 2002

DEA and Giuliani Open National Museum Exhibit on Drugs and Terrorism

 JUN 19, 2002 DEA Director Announces Arrest of FARC Member
 MAR 18, 2002 Department of Justice Hands Down Drug Indictments Against FARC Terrorists

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