Mexico News Releases

 JUN 04, 2012 Drug Enforcement Administration Honored By Mexico President Calderon
 MAY 23, 2012 Extradited: Armando Villareal, Leader of International Drug Trafficking Cartel
 MAY 08, 2012 Four Sinaloa Cartel Figures Targeted Including Sons of “Chapo” Guzman
 APR 24, 2012 RICO Indictments for Sinaloa Cartel Leaders Including “El Chapo” Guzman, “Mayo” Zambada, 22 Others
 APR 12, 2012 Treasury Designates Major Mexican Drug Chemical Traffickers
 APR 10, 2012 DEA Announces Treasury Sanctions Against Top Guatemalan Drug Trafficker With Ties to Los Zetas
 APR 05, 2012 Juarez Drug Cartel Leader Guilty of Charges Related to U.S. Consulate Murders and Others: Sentenced To More Than 10 Life Terms in Prison
 APR 02, 2012 Leader of Notorious Tijuana Cartel/Arellano-Felix Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced for Racketeering, Money Laundering 
 MAR 12, 2012 Gulf Cartel Plaza Boss Convicted in Texas
 MAR 08, 2012 Mexican, U.S. Women Leading Law Enforcement Efforts Against Transnational Crime
 FEB 15, 2012 Barrio Azteca Gang Leader Sentenced in Texas to Life in Prison
 DEC 02, 2009 U.S., Mexican Authorities Investigating Cross-Border Tunnel
 AUG 20, 2009 Ten Alleged Mexican Drug Cartel Leaders Among 43 Defendants Indicted in Brooklyn and Chicago as Part of Coordinated Strike Against Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations
 AUG 03, 2009 DEA Announces Arrest of Top La Familia Cartel Member
 JUL 15, 2009 Attorney General Holder Announces $8.7 Million in Recovery Act Grants to Support Law Enforcement Efforts on the Southwest Border
 MAR 24, 2009 Department of Justice Announces Resources for Fight Against Mexican Drug Cartels