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Cocaine News Releases
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 JUN 06, 2012 45 Indicted in Major DEA-Led Investigations of Drug Trafficking Operations at San Juan International Airport
 MAY 25, 2012 1.4 Tons of Cocaine Seized
 APR 10, 2012 DEA Announces Treasury Sanctions Against Top Guatemalan Drug Trafficker With Ties to Los Zetas
 SEP 30, 2011 DEA and Attorney General Announce Arrests Connected to Multi-Million Dollar Haul of Cocaine from Mexican Cartel
 SEP 06, 2011 Fifty-Six BACRIM Narco-Traffickers Charged in Operation Seven Trumpets and Operation Under the Sea
 JUN 06, 2011 Ten Alleged Members of a Colombian Drug Trafficking Organization Charged with Distributing over 25,000 Kilograms of Cocaine
 JAN 20, 2011 Operation Spiderweb Snags Cocaine, Meth, Weapons and Over $1 Million in Cash
 NOV 08, 2010 Cocaine Supplied by Los Zetas Mexican Drug Cartel
 SEP 27, 2010 East St. Louis Man Sentenced for Crack Cocaine Felony
 JAN 19, 2010 Mexican Cocaine Trafficking Leader Sentenced to 27 Years in Federal Prison
 APR 22, 2009 United States Announces Historic Transfer of Defendants from Sierra Leone to Face Cocaine Importation Charges
 APR 16, 2009 Drug Trafficker Pleads Guilty to Murder of Member of Mexican Cocaine Trafficking Organization
 APR 01, 2009 Cocaine To Go - Bronx Pizza Parlor Delivers Narcotics
 MAR 18, 2009 Two Mexican Nationals Plead Guilty to Cocaine Conspiracy
 MAR 04, 2009 New York Correction Officer Arrested; Agreed to Transport 15 Kilograms of Cocaine

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