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photo - tactical trainingThe Tactical Safety and Survival Unit is responsible for providing a comprehensive defensive tactics program, which incorporates the physical fitness program as a critical component. The defensive tactics program provides the trainees with realistic self-defense skills, incorporating proper arrest and control procedures, fighting skills, mental conditioning, and development of physical stamina through exercise, to prepare the student to overcome both armed and unarmed attacks. Further, all Basic Agent trainees receive instruction in the appropriate techniques an strategies for conducting arrest and search warrants, along with felony vehicle stops and vehicle-involved arrests. In addition, in-service Special Agents and Group Supervisors are trained in planning, organizing, and executing drug-oriented raids.

photo of men entering a room with guns drawnThe Tactical Safety and Survival Unit is also responsible for conducting critical incident management and operational planning for DEA Group Supervisors during the agency’s Group Supervisor Institute. A comprehensive review of all DEA-related critical incidents provides Group Supervisors with relevant and up-to-date instruction in risk management and risk avoidance.




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