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Automated Information Systems (AIS) training is more important than ever before due to today’s technological advances. The goal of the AIS staff is to provide the knowledge and ability to use the vast amounts of computer information available to DEA.

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DEA has three computer classrooms. Computer instruction is an integral part of all training courses.

Courses Offered

  • Basic Agent trainees receive 44 hours of hands-on training on the Firebird Network and M204 Systems (NADDIS, Case Management, Webster, and DEA Macros) and laptop operations. Students also learn security awareness and commercial software applications.

  • Basic Diversion Investigators and Intelligence Analysts receive 55 hours and 80 hours of computer instruction, respectively. Training includes the Firebird Network, M204 Systems (NADDIS, CSA, ARCOS II, CHEMS, and MSQ). In addition, these students receive instruction on the Diversion Audit Program, DATS Systems (NCIC, NLETS, NDPIX and DRUGX), as well as commercial software applications.

  • Pen-Link Training: This three-day course is an in-depth exploration of the primary analytical tool used for telephone analysis. Pen-Link allows importation of phone and subscriber records obtained from telecommunications providers and other law enforcement agencies. Various databases can then be utilized within Pen-Link to keep accurate records for each case as well as common links between cases. Reports on target numbers can be generated in multiple formats to allow full exploitation of information gathered.

  • The AIS staff also provides in-service training on Pen-Link and Real-Time Analytical Intelligence Database (RAID), as well as staff training on commercial software applications.


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