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The Southwest Asia Region, which covers only Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates, is an area that is relatively small in geographical scope, but one that poses enormous challenges to the international effort to control the production and distribution of heroin.

DEA focuses a great deal of attention on Afghanistan, where 90% of the worldwide supply of heroin is produced, and where proceeds from the sale of opiates provides a funding source to insurgents and threatens the stability of the nation. DEA personnel in Afghanistan work closely with their Afghan counterparts to establish strong investigative and enforcement capability within specialized law enforcement units that are confronting this challenge, to identify and target trafficking organizations with ties to insurgent or terrorist organizations, and to foster regional cooperation between law enforcement agencies in Afghanistan and it neighboring countries.  In Pakistan, DEA works closely with its counterparts to identify and target major international trafficking organization shipping heroin into and through Pakistan, with particular emphasis on those organizations with a nexus to the United States.  In the United Arab Emirates, DEA special agents maintain liaison and share intelligence with local law enforcement authorities in the key financial center for the Persian Gulf, in an effort to identify and disrupt the money laundering efforts of drug trafficking organizations and to deprive those organizations of their illicit funding.

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