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Diversion InvestigatorsIt is more important than ever for DEA to stay ahead of distribution of illicit sale and abuse of controlled substances. As a Diversion Investigator, you will be responsible for conducting investigations on one of the fastest growing drug problems. Since the rise of rogue internet pharmacies, the investigative nature of this work makes it one of today's most interesting and challenging careers available. You will have opportunities to use your investigative skills and experiences to take appropriate administrative, civil and/or criminal actions against suspected sources and combat an epidemic of significant national importance.

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DEA is seeking individuals with qualifying education and/or experience that demonstrates the following:

  • Ability to perform investigative work
  • Ability to gather data
  • Ability to research and analyze data
  • Ability to identify significant factors
  • Ability to develop solutions
  • Skill in interpreting regulations.

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing is a must for a successful candidate.

These abilities and skills may have been acquired through a variety of backgrounds such as:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Professional
  • Technical
  • Military

Employment Requirements

Diversion Investigators are subject reassignment to any location in the United States depending on the needs of the DEA. All applicants must be available for relocation throughout their career with DEA and will be required to sign a statement to this effect when accepting an offer of employment.

Diversion investigators perform demanding jobs and must meet certain medical and physical requirements to ensure they are able to perform all the duties of the job. Applicants will be required to obtain a qualifying medical examination to determine physical and mental fitness and must be free of any impairment that would interfere with normal work performance.

Vision requirements: Distance vision should be 20/40 (uncorrected or corrected with glasses or contact lenses). Near vision should be 20/25 and must be sufficient to read Jaegar Type #2 at 14 inches (glasses or contact lenses permitted). Depth perception and ability to distinguish shades of color (color plate test) are essential.

Hearing requirements: Candidates must be able to hear conversational voice a distance of 20 feet with both ears. The use of a hearing aid is permissible.

Other requirements: A valid driver's license is required for all Diversion Investigators.

All applicants interested in applying for jobs at DEA must be able to meet all DEA Employment Requirements, including Background Investigation, and comply with DEA's Drug Policy.

How to Apply

Applications for Diversion Investigator positions are processed through an online applicant assessment system (Career Gateway) configured for the DEA. To apply, please go to and log in or create an account.

Click on Advanced Search. Under Keyword Search box, enter “Diversion Investigator”. At the bottom of the page click on Search for Jobs. For detailed instructions on accessing the Career Gateway, please see the Applicant Guide and Gateway FAQs.

When finished with your application and prior to logging off, it is strongly recommend that you follow the instructions for clearing the contents of the computer’s cache (temporary storage space) to ensure that your personal and/or confidential information is not available to others.


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